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What Are The Benefits Of Basement Floor Waterproofing

Basement floor waterproofing can save a homeowner a lot of frustration and a lot of money. Excess moisture is one of the most common problems in homes with underground rooms, as gravity is always working to push moisture down into the house. Homes need to have an impenetrable foundation and efficient drainage lines to keep this moisture out. If either of these fail, and they likely will with a heavy storm, a pipe burst or backed up sewage line, they will quickly overwhelm the bottom rooms of the home.

To prevent a disaster from occurring, a homeowner should consider several basement floor waterproofing tactics. This can slow down or stop the passage of moisture into the home, but if leaks persist or mold growth appears, professionals will be needed to fix the underlying problem.

In most cases, rainfall draining next to the home’s foundation will make moisture problems worse. The aim, then, is to direct the rain away from the foundation so that it drains elsewhere. The easiest way to do this is to keep the gutters clear of debris and to extend the downspouts away from the building, or by using troughs. Rain drainage should extend at least three feet away from the home’s foundation. Foundation leaks, commonly characterized by wall discoloration or damp streaks, can be plugged using epoxy or masonry sealer. Windows are another common entry point for moisture, so sealing them off will help dry out the space. This is best done with transparent acrylic shields that block moisture but permit light transmission.

If these methods aren’t enough, advanced basement floor waterproofing methods may be necessary. With professional help, a homeowner can install a sump pump or additional drainage system to quickly divert moisture away from the building. A sump pump collects moisture from a perimeter trench dug out around the space and moves it outside the building. Multiple sump pumps can also be installed to deal with large moisture loads. A battery backup system ensures the pumps remain in operation at all times.

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