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How Is Black Mold Testing Done By JP Moore In New York?

Homeowners should consider black mold testing a necessity when any kind of fungal contamination is suspected. Stachybotrys, also known as “black mold,” is a regular threat for homeowners, as it thrives in cellulose materials, especially when moisture is present. Nearly every home is contaminated by fungi to some extent, but Stachybotrys is a major cause for concern. Though research on this fungus is still incomplete, there are many documented cases of people, particularly children, suffering from sick building syndrome. This condition can manifest in a lot of ways, producing withering health problems in occupants.

During black mold testing, a team of technicians will perform a visual inspection of the home’s high risk areas, including areas with high amounts of moisture, inside wall and ceiling cavities, and in the building’s ventilation system. JP Moore supplements this visual check with air samples to ensure the home is thoroughly checked before making a judgment on the building’s safety. These samples are checked under a microscope to verify the presence of black mold, so JP Moore’s methods are highly accurate.

If this dangerous fungi is found, JP Moore can quickly isolate and remove the contamination from the building. Though it depends on the extent of the contamination, JP Moore can normally eliminate all sources of Stachybotrys within hours and make the home safe to inhabit once again.

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