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A Burst Pipe and What To Do Next?

Coming home to a burst pipe is a nightmare. But what to do next?

Depending on the amount of water released, you may need the services of a water restoration specialist. Once your plumbing is repaired, it’s time to assess and take inventory as soon as possible. How many rooms are affected? How quickly did you discover the problem: coming home at the end of the day or after returning from a weeklong vacation? Was it a burst pipe or perhaps flooding that caused the issue?

The answers to all these questions will be helpful when soliciting an estimate from a water restoration specialist. Be sure to hire a reputable company experienced in water clean-up to ensure quality service and prevent problems down the road.

The water restoration specialist will initially assess the extent of the problem by taking moisture readings and locating possible hidden moisture pockets behind the walls. Workers will then remove any items such as furniture that may require repair or permanent removal. Drywall, baseboards, flooring and insulation will undergo inspection to examine their condition, and then be removed if necessary.

Then, industrial-strength dehumidifiers and fans are put in place to dry out the room(s). Anti-microbial agents may be applied to eliminate mold and mildew, if present. Where mold growth is pervasive and concentrated, entire sections of materials may need to be removed to effectively contain spreading and possible health hazards.

If you experience the devastation a burst pipe can bring and wonder what to do, call in the professionals right away. They can minimize the damage to your property, salvage items dear to you, and ensure your family’s health and safety.

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