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Burst Pipes: Learn the Reasons That Cause a Water Disaster in Your Home

A burst pipe can happen unexpectedly. Not only that, the disaster can quickly get out of control with water flooding one of your rooms. In order to prevent this from occurring, you should be aware of how they typically form. By being knowledgeable in this area, you can avoid burst pipes and the subsequent water cleanup.




Clogs may seem simple enough to fix when a small one forms in your sink or tub. However, clogs can also form deeper down into the pipes. These clogs can form from an excessive accumulation of soap scum, oil and other pieces of debris. No matter how it formed, you want to be certain you get your drains cleaned frequently to ensure they do not get a change to build up and grow strong.


Increased Pressure


Broken pipes also tend to occur as a result of a lot of pressure constantly being placed on the system. You should be aware of how much water you use every day. This involves knowing what you use water for and how many people you have in your household using the water. Some houses, especially older ones, cannot stand up to tough demands and are more prone to burst pipes. If are worried about how much pressure you are putting on the system, you should look to update it.


Extreme Cold


Some parts of the country are prone to extremely cold temperatures during the winter. During this season, the metal pipes can expand and contract greatly. This movement can lead to the pipes eventually breaking because they cannot handle this amount of movement.


You should get routine maintenance performed on your home’s plumbing system frequently, so you do not have to worry about the pipes breaking any time soon. Burst pipes can be costly to fix, so it is always the more affordable option to stop them from breaking at all.

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