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Burst Pipes In A New York Home Can Be Frustrating

Anyone who has lived in cold climates for any stretch of time knows how frustrating burst pipes can be. Ruptured plumbing is usually caused by a buildup of pressure inside, either from a clog or an ice dam. Ice clogs are more common in the Northeast and can result in thousands of dollars in damage. If a homeowner discovers a ruptured pipe quickly enough, the damage may be minimized.

During freezing temperatures, homeowners can largely prevent freezing plumbing by keeping the water circulating at a steady drip. This, along with insulating the plumbing, will greatly reduce the chances of the water freezing inside supply or drain lines. However, once burst pipes happen, there is little a homeowner can do other than turn off the water and contact a professional.

Burst plumbing is normally handled by replacing the compromised pipe outright. During replacement, the professional will fabricate or fit a new piece of plumbing and solder it into place, creating a watertight fit around connecting joints. If any damage was caused to the home from the influx of water, the damage will need to be restored. JP Moore Home Improvements can handle the repair and the restoration, making the job seamless. After the repairs are completed, talk to JP Moore about ways to avoid this happening in the future.

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