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How To Determine The Water Damage Clean-up Cost?

When a home suffers water damage, the clean-up cost may seem daunting at first, but the alternative is much worse. As long as moisture is seeping into the home, the chances of mold spreading through the building will remain high. Pooled moisture can also ferment bacterial or viral growth, as well as attract a variety of pests. Fortunately, JP Moore can help with any repairs necessary to bring the house back to normal and do it as efficiently as possible.

The total water damage clean-up cost has a few important variables. The most important consideration is the scope of the job, usually measured in square footage. A small leak is much easier to handle than a flooded basement, so both jobs will vary greatly in pricing. Just as important is if the technicians will have to handle contaminated liquid. Clean water, typically expelled by burst supply lines, does not require protective gear to manage and can be dealt with rather quickly. Gray and black moisture, however, may harbor dangerous pathogens like bacteria, viruses or fungi. Removing contaminated fluids requires complete protective wear and more care as a result. The materials to be dried will also have an effect on the price of restoration. Carpet, for example, is easy to remove while hardwood has to be dried out over several days in attempt to salvage it.

No matter how extensive the repairs are, an expert like JP Moore can restore the home and get your life back to normal.

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