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Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services in NY & NJ

No homeowner wants to contact a professional for emergency water damage restoration, but it’s better than letting moisture wreck an entire room or floor in the house. There are several disasters that warrant immediate assistance from a professional, including burst pipes, floods, backflows and failed valves or pipes inside appliances. In just a few hours, these disasters can deposit several inches of water into the basement, utility room or lower floor, causing incredible havoc and destruction.

Emergency water damage restoration is prioritized around removing standing liquid, drying out all items that came in contact with the liquid, and removing any microbial threats. JP Moore tackles the first objective with special pumping systems and many feet of sturdy tubing. With a few pumps set up in the space, JP Moore can eliminate water that’s shin deep within hours. Our technicians will quickly set up several devices that circulate air through the space and draw moisture out of the air. If the water managed to infiltrate behind the walls or inside a ceiling, heat injection fans may be used to push air through these tight spaces.

While the moisture is pulled from the space, JP Moore’s technicians will also clean the area to ensure no mold, bacteria, viruses, parasites or other fungi fester once the water is gone.

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