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Why Frozen Pipe Repair Should Be Done Quickly

Frozen pipe repair can be expensive if not addressed as soon as possible, not because it’s expensive to fix cracks and replace plumbing, but because homeowners often wait until the burst plumbing causes a massive flood in the home. Even if the pipe does break open, the damage can be minimized to the point where of being a nuisance rather than a major problem. The trick is to catch the problem immediately and to prevent it in the first place.

During a teeth chattering cold snap, the conditions can cause water to ice over inside the home’s plumbing. When water converts to ice, it expands rapidly, quickly putting pressure in the inside walls of the plumbing. If enough water ices over, the expansion will be enough to cause the plumbing to bulge and burst open.

Once the ice thaws, the water will be free to spray out from the crack, and this can quickly make the problem worse. To prevent thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, shut off the water to the plumbing as soon as possible. Before the repairs can begin, the ice will need to be thawed. The best way to do this is with a hairdryer or space heater and not an open flame. If the resulting crack is small and straight, and if the plumbing is accessible from inside the building, it may be possible for a homeowner to make the fix. If the damage is extensive, involves jagged cracks or includes plumbing that’s not easily accessible, then professionals will be necessary. Professionals like JP Moore are equipped to handle any plumbing needs a home or business owner faces, including frozen pipe repair.

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