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Hiring A Company For Flood Water Damage Restoration In NY & NJ

With quick flood water damage restoration, a homeowner can avoid some of the nastier surprises a storm can leave behind. Pathogens and pests alike are both drawn to standing water, and these nuisances will take up residence if you don’t respond quickly. JP Moore’s technicians have the perfect arsenal in this scenario, bringing sophisticated drying technology, powerful disinfectants and special antimicrobials to the job.

A family can be sent reeling when storm surge flows through the home. This may delay the call to a professional for flood water damage restoration, which will only result in a bigger headache. The longer the moisture sits, the more material it will destroy. JP Moore will start with removing the water using truck mounted and submersible pumping systems. When all that’s left is dampness, JP Moore will dry the area using heat, air circulation and dehumidifying techniques.

If JP Moore’s technicians find pathogens in the home, usually via air sampling, they will work to locate the source of the contamination and eliminate it. JP Moore will physically remove any surfaces that show signs of contamination and clean up the rest of the area with fungicides and disinfectants. Because airborne spores are also a concern, JP Moore will vacuum the area with special vacuums built with HEPA filters. These vacuums provide an airtight seal that prevent spores from escaping once captured. This will prevent the mold from reestablishing itself once remediation efforts are complete.

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