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What To Do When A Home Has Mold From Water Damage

There are few threats as serious as mold growth spawned from water damage. Many homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to fungal growth once the moisture has been removed from the home as it can be a relief just to live in a dry space again. However, leaks, floods and sewage backflows are also dangerous for the microbes they introduce into the home, including fungal colonies. If not addressed during water remediation, these colonies can spread throughout the house and inflict serious health problems on the people inside.

Researchers are just starting to understand what chronic exposure to mold spores can do to a person, and the findings are troubling. Long term exposure can result in respiratory problems, organ damage, chronic nausea, learning or behavioral problems or even fatal neurological complications. These difficulties tend to affect children more often and more strongly, so parents have a responsibility to their children to remove any mold spawned from water damage.

Fortunately, remediation technicians have the tools and knowledge needed to eliminate the fungal threat for good. When removing excess moisture from the building, remediation technicians will also take air samples to check for any mold growth. This, along with a visual inspection of the home, will uncover any sources of fungi. Once found, they remove these colonies and their presence through the use of fungicides.

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