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What To Do When A Home Has A Water Leak

When most homeowners think of a water leak, they think of a slow, steady drip. In the Tri-State area, though, the brutal winters and storms can cause roofs, foundations, or plumbing to fail. This is a common problem with many older homes found all over the historic Northeast. These homes are fitted with plumbing that may be decades old and prone to failure, causing leaks to spring up at any time.

Even after a water leak is repaired, the immediate threat may not be over. Preventing more moisture from entering the home is essential, but it does nothing to restore the damage caused by the moisture still present. Experienced restoration technicians will act quickly to save anything that hasn’t been destroyed, and replace the building materials that have been damaged. In the Northeast, restoration firms frequently service homes that have sustained water damage, as burst and frozen pipes and foundation defects are common. If the leak went unnoticed for some time, there will likely be a significant amount of water in the home. In these situations, the technicians will use pumps to remove the water before removing any ruined debris and prepping the area for the drying process. Drying normally takes several days and is a closely monitored process. When everything is dry, the technicians can begin any necessary restoration work.

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