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The Importance Of Cleaning Up Carpet Water Damage

When your carpet suffers water damage, the most important thing to do is to act quickly. Depending on where the moisture comes from, it may be racked with microbes, molds, chemicals and other dangers. These are things a homeowner should not handle on their own, or the consequences can be fatal. However, if they are allowed to sit in the home for long, they will quickly make the already bad situation worse. The first 48 hours, therefore, are crucial for limiting the problem.

There are two clear signs that a professional is needed to handle the situation. For one, if the affected area takes up the lion’s share of a single room, it will probably be too much for a homeowner to fix. Also, if the moisture comes from a contaminated source, like sewage, flood runoff or used appliance discharge, a homeowner should not touch it. In nearly all cases, carpet that suffers water damage from a contaminated source will need to be disposed of.

Professionals have the protective equipment to deal safely with contaminated moisture. They also have access to dehumidifiers, air mover fans, pumps and monitoring technology that can be used to dry the area quickly. Using this equipment, a professional can return your home back to normal in a matter of days or so.

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