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The Importance of Flood Damage Cleaners In New York & New Jersey

Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with excess water in your home, but if you do, your very first phone call should be to reputable flood damage cleaners. The latest national statistics released in July 2013 show that New Jersey led the nation in the number of 2012 flood-related insurance claims (63,805), followed closely by New York (52,986). In fact, New York received the highest amount of insurance payouts, totaling nearly $3.5 billion that year.

In high-risk areas like the Tri-State region, there is a 1 in 4 chance that a homeowner will have to deal with residential flooding over a 30-year mortgage. And when it happens to you, do you think you can solve the problem on your own with a chain of buckets? Think again! Even if you manage to somehow flush most of the water from your home, time is of the essence, and what you can’t see might actually hurt you.

When flood waters invade a home, they can bring all sorts of contaminants like bacteria and viruses into your living space. In addition, excess moisture is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold begins to grow as early as 24 hours after water contamination occurs, and can cause serious health problems like allergies and asthma, respiratory illness, immune system suppression and more.

Hiring flood damage cleaners right away helps keep the harm to your home and family to a minimum. They will dry your home with industrial-strength fans and dehumidifiers, detect and treat (or remove) mold-infested areas, and once again make your home habitable.

Professional clean-up, restoration and reconstruction are your best chance at returning your living space to its former condition.

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