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The Importance Of Flood Water Removal With A Restoration Company

Few things are as destructive as flood water careening through a home. Water is able to tear down walls, smash through windows, and fling aside doors like they are cardboard. Inside the house, the surge will soak everything, destroying household items and building materials if saturated for long. Contaminated water will also leave behind various molds, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and even chemicals, leaving a cocktail of biological hazards that can profoundly affect the health of the family.

Getting rid of these pathogens, drying the home, and disposing of anything that is unsalvageable are the focus of flood water restoration efforts. The water will need to be pumped out before any restoration work can begin. Once the water has been removed, it is time to inspect all materials that have been soaked through, and dispose of those items that have been destroyed. This usually includes any organic materials like carpet and drywall.

The drying process takes several days, but it will stop the spread of damage in the home. Dehumidifiers, air movers and heat injectors will wick and pull moisture out of the air, and the use of moisture meters will allow the technician to monitor the drying process. While the moisture is being addressed, technicians will comb through the home and search for any microbial infestation. Certified technicians will get rid of any remaining microbial infestations by disposing of the contaminated surface and disinfecting any soaked areas.

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