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Looking for Signs of Water Damage at Home

Whether you’ve owned your house for years of have recently purchased it, you’re likely looking to take the best possible care of it. To develop an eye for some of the signs of water damage, read onward.

If you’ve spent time away from your home and recently returned to it, you may notice discoloration on walls. A clear line of demarcation where below it looks worse below than above is likely a sign that the house filled with water because of a flood or plumbing failure.


Lightly tapping and listening on these and other areas can reveal the softening of materials, another symptom of compromise due to moisture. Drywall and wood can both suffer from excessive humidity or inundation.


Rust can be another indication of problems. Most commonly seen in garages or shop areas, aluminum and brass with a lot of wear and tear can show signs of water damage and rust.


Be sure to open your nostrils to check for odors on carpet and in rooms. When an object is submerged in water and it doesn’t dry quickly or properly, it can take on quite a strong odor. These smells are difficult to hide, as airing out a space won’t get rid of it. In most of these cases, bacteria growth is the cause.


It’s a good idea to look closely at your home’s exterior as well. Two of the most important areas to check are on and around the roof and foundation. These areas are notorious for standing pools of water that can cause rot. Clogged gutters are one of the culprits of this type of damage.


Finding signs of water damage shouldn’t get you down, rather, use it as inspiration and motivation for your next remodel project. Waiting too long to address the problem can make things worse though, so consider hiring a contractor to do the needed work.


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