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Looking For Mold Clean Up Services In New York

JP Moore Home Improvements of the New York Tri-State Area is a business that is dedicated to providing their customers with effective, safe, and affordable mold clean up services for the home and office. When fungal growths appear in the home or office building, it can be very dangerous to one’s health. The spores and particles found in mold can cause serious health difficulties that cannot be alleviated until the fungus is taken care of. JP Moore specializes in mold removal services, tests, and consultations designed to detect and eradicate the harmful spores.

Testing Procedures

The professional team at JP Moore will come out to your home or office for a free consultation of your mold clean up project. Through careful assessments, they can decipher how big or small your unique project will be, how long it will take, and the estimated cost of the entire process. Once mold is detected, the associate will remove and replace any and all contaminated drywall, carpet, and other organic materials harboring the fungus.

Types of Fungus That Occur in the Home or Office and the Problems They Cause

Unattended water damage and areas of the home where there is excess amounts of moisture, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and shower, can lead to the growth of mold. If not taken care of right away, this fungus can develop into black mold, the most virulent and hazardous form out there. Prolonged exposure to mold can cause different health problems such as headaches, respiratory problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, seizures, and even fungal infections.

The health problems that can arise from exposure to the spores can be long-lasting and expensive. It is important to protect yourself and your family from these potential illnesses by having all suspicious growths checked and removed quickly and safely.

Contact JP Moore

JP Moore can facilitate your mold clean up project through safe methods that will keep the harmful growth at bay for years to come, while also reinforcing the strength of any damage to the structure. Water damage, old and worn out building materials, leaks, and more can contribute to fungal growth anywhere in the home, so it is important to have a consultant come and check your property every so often to make sure that your space is always mold free.

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