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The Process Of Flood Cleanup Services With A Company

If a homeowner hesitates at all before bringing in professionals for a flood cleanup, an already terrible situation can quickly get much worse. Once the water stops rushing, it may seem like the danger has passed, but in many ways, it is only beginning. Contaminated water brings with it chemical runoff, animal waste and a host of bacterial and viral threats. E. coil, typhoid, cholera and many other diseases are found in bodies of water, and just coming into contact with it can make disease transmission possible.

Professionals have the equipment and training to avoid these threats and neutralize them. JP Moore responds to all flood cleanup situations by first getting any pooled water out of the home. Once this is done, our crew will clear the room and set up everything needed to dry the space. This normally includes a series of air mover fans and dehumidifiers. At the same time, JP Moore’s team will move through the building looking for trapped water in any wall or ceiling cavities, as well as checking for mold. Mold can be a significant ongoing threat in a home affected by water and will need to be eliminated as quickly as possible. JP Moore handles this by physically removing all affected surfaces and disinfecting any threatened areas.

By the time this process is complete, the family will be able to move back in and get everything back in order without fear.

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