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Water Damage Cleanup In Jackson Heights, New York

Did you know toxic mold can grow in flooded basements and homes with water damage? Toxic molds such as black mold is hazardous and can cause asthma and other health problems. We want to make sure your family is safe after a flood. Mold remediation is one of the many water clean up services we provide Jackson Heights, New York.

Mold can be found in your furniture and construction of your home. If you don’t professionally remove it, you are exposing your family to its toxins. We are one of the only contractors in the area of Jackson Heights, New York that can remove mold, asbestos, and other hazardous materials found during a flood cleanup. This service will help keep your family safe after the water extraction.

You also won’t have to worry about dealing with your insurance company. Call us first and we will be at your residence within an hour of your call. We will complete the flood damage restoration process and then directly contact your insurance company for the paperwork and billing afterwards.

Call us at (877) 645-1428 for your flood damage restoration needs.