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Reacting Quickly To A Leaky Basement Can Minimize Damage

No homeowner wants to deal with a leaky basement, but if you react quickly, you can minimize the damage. Water can cause serious damage when it is allowed to gather inside the home, hosting dangerous mold, microbes, pests, odors and rot, all of which can affect the family’s health and well-being. The certified professionals at JP Moore Home Improvements can act quickly to reverse any damage done by the excess water.

If water can be seen seeping or running down the walls of the basement, there are likely foundation and drainage issues. These are best addressed by plugging the cracks with mortar, sealing the walls, and improving drainage outside the home. Adding extensions to downspouts and improving the home’s grading against the foundation will help. A home that has foundation issues can also be helped with the installation of a sump pump system. Sump pumps remove water that collects along the edges of a leaky basement, maintaining a proper moisture level in the home.

Plumbing and windows can also let moisture in, especially in an older home. To prevent plumbing leaks, inspect the piping regularly and have JP Moore patch up or replace any failing plumbing. If basement windows are allowing water to seep in, consider installing acrylic shields on the outside of the home. The shields will keep excess moisture out, but let natural light in.

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