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Flood Restoration in Huntington, New York

Are you fighting a flood in your home or commercial space? Floods can be caused by something as small as a broken water pipe to something as powerful as hurricane. We provide the most experienced and skilled water extraction and flood restoration services in the Huntington, New York area.

Mold spreads quickly and toxic mold such as black mold is known to cause illnesses and breathing problems to those exposed to it. Our mold remediation team will remove anything with signs of toxic mold in your Huntington, NY home or business. We are also equipped and trained to remove any asbestos construction materials that are affected by the water damage, as these are often found in older properties.

Dealing with your insurance company during a floor emergency can be stressful. Call us first, we will directly bill your insurance company. We will be on site to assess the damage and begin the water clean up process for your Huntington, New York home within an hour of your call. Water damage and mold can destroy the construction of your home over time. We will immediately extract the flood waters, clean up damaged areas, and restore your home.

Call us at (877) 645-1428 for your flood restoration needs.