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Shelter Island, New York Flood Restoration

A broken water pipe can flood a basement within a matter of minutes. A flash flood or natural disaster will cause water damage even faster. When you find your home or business is flooded, call us to begin cleanup and flood damage repair. We are proud to serve Shelter Island, New York and the surrounding areas with our water clean up and extraction services.

We bring industrial generators, pumps, and air movers to extract the flood and dry out the affected rooms. We remediate any mold growth by removing damaged structures and building materials, as well as using anti-microbial spray to prevent future growth. We then rebuild the flooring, walls, and ceiling to their original finish and quality.

Call us first, before your insurance company, so that we can start on the water clean up process for your Shelter Island home or commercial space, usually within an hour of your call. Water damage can destroy the construction of your home quickly; time is of the essence. We will immediately clean up your home and will directly bill your insurance company.

Call us at (877) 645-1428 for your flood restoration needs.