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Smithtown, New York Water Damage

If you have a flood or water damage in your Smithtown home or business, you may not know where to turn. Our expertise and 25 years of experience ensure that we will properly handle your water damage restoration needs. We are fully licensed, insured, and certified to deal all aspects of the flood cleanup and restoration process.

We will deal with the insurance company directly and work out all billing issues. Call us before you call anyone else and we will arrive at the scene within 60 minutes of your call. Once we arrive , we will start extracting water from your home or business. Once the water is extracted from all rooms, we will remove all damaged walls, flooring, and ceilings and completely dry the structure. Only then will we reconstruct your walls, floors and ceilings with new construction materials to match the original quality.

We are experts in mold remediation and thoroughly clean and treat any surfaces affected by the flood to prevent mold from growing. We are proud to offer our services to the Smithtown, New York area and strive to make our customers’ experience as smooth and hassle free as possible.

The longer you wait to call us, the more time mold has to grow in your flooded basement or in your water damaged floors, wall and ceilings. Get your home cleaned up now and let our professional crew of flood restoration experts do it for you.

Call us at (877) 645-1428 for your flood restoration needs.