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The Dangers of Ice Dams

Have you ever wondered how to avoid those ice dams in your gutter? Even if you made sure to clean out all the leaves and debris that accumulates in guttering, if the moisture has not drained out completely, it can freeze layer upon layer until you have huge chunks of ice and dangerous icicles overflowing from the gutter around your house.

In addition to bending and breaking the gutter, the ice can also accumulate under the shingles and slowly chip them off. In the past once that big ball of ice formed, it was very difficult to get rid of it, however there are some actions you can take to prevent this from happening or to take care of a current problem.


First, you will want to find the large balls of ice along your guttering and take pictures of these areas. This can help in targeting where the biggest problems exist; and an inspection of the interior at those spots can show if there are any leaks inside the home because of backed-up water. No one wants warped floors or stained ceilings.


Also, rather than chopping away at the ice with a hammer or other object, which is dangerous for both you and your home, consider having your attic ventilation inspected. This will help make sure that snow and ice isn’t prematurely thawing and will help prevent an ice dam.


Another choice is to use a long-handled roof rake to safely pull the piled-on snow off your roof or gutter. This will remove that unwanted insulation and can help change the temperature of your roof to help stop further damage to your shingles.


If you have done all that you can and still have problems, contact an expert to help stop ice damage to your home. They can also give you additional ideas on how to avoid ice dams in your gutter for the future.

Remember that the gutter system plays an important role in the health of your roofing system and entire home.  Should you have any problems or concerns regarding ice dams don’t hesitate to call us at Water Cleanup in Dobbs Ferry, NY or click here for a quote!

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