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Water Damage Repairs In New York With JP Moore

One of the biggest maintenance expenses a homeowner will ever face are water damage repairs, so it is important to respond as quickly as possible to keep costs down. Contact a professional immediately after a leak or ruptured pipe becomes apparent. It can save you thousands of dollars and a number of priceless belongings. JP Moore can help out with any fix you need, from patching up small leaks to replacing an entire roof.

Water damage repairs are essential to preserving the health and structural fidelity of the home. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a flooded basement or soaked ceiling, but ignoring these problems is a sure way to attract mold, bacteria, parasites or vermin. A simple failed washing machine hose or burst pipe can spill several inches of water into a basement or utility room, completely soaking anything close to the floor. Materials made from organic components, like wood or drywall, will be nearly unsalvageable if they take on liquid equal to about 25 percent of their weight, so a quick response is essential to rescuing items.

JP Moore has access to a variety of heavy equipment types and the manpower to operate them efficiently. Our dehumidifiers, air mover fans, heat injection fans and metering technology allow us to identify where the moisture is and remove it within a few days. We can also rid the home of any mold or dangerous microbes with disinfecting chemicals and equipment.

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