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Water Damaged Ceiling Is Usually Caused By One Of Four Things

A water damaged ceiling can be a nightmare for a homeowner, but fixing it quickly will minimize the problem. Usually, the drywall will start discoloring or bulging if moisture is pooling, and if ignored for long, the drywall will need to be ripped out and replaced. Ignoring it will also expose the home to the possibility of mold growth, a severe health threat. Tackling the underlying issue, though, is not something most homeowners are equipped to handle. Fortunately, the certified professionals with JP Moore can help.

In most cases, a water damaged ceiling is caused by one of four things. The plumbing is leaking or has burst, the roof is leaking, there is an ice dam present, or a bathroom in an above floor is poorly caulked. Plumbing and roof leaks are major concerns that only professionals should be tasked to handle. In the constant shift between freezing and warm temperatures, rain, sun and wind, the home’s roofing and plumbing will take a lot of punishment. Over time, this will degrade the roof’s weather barrier and stress the plumbing, causing small holes to appear. Even a tiny leak can cause major complications, so they shouldn’t be dismissed or pushed aside.

JP Moore is equipped to handle a plumbing or roof leak of any nature or magnitude, and can even replace the entire roof if that’s what it takes. This may seem like a dramatic option, but moisture leaks are among the most expensive problems to fix if they are not addressed immediately, so even a major remodeling update may save money in the long run.

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