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Ways To Deal With Water Damage In A House

No one wants to deal with water damage in the house, but once it shows up, it can’t be ignored. Excess moisture can seemingly come from anywhere, which can make finding and fixing the problem an exercise in frustration. That’s why it is always best to bring a professional in to survey the problem. A trained professional will be able to nail down the issue faster, which is crucial. The faster the repair takes place, the less damage it will do to the home.

Excess moisture can seep in through the roof, the foundation, plumbing, or through poor caulking around bathtubs or sinks. No matter where the moisture comes from, it is capable of causing significant water damage in the house.

For roof leaks, the professional will inspect the roof for points of egress and replace any shingles, underlayment, flashing or compromised siding. If the foundation is leaking, it is likely due to poor drainage around the home’s perimeter, though there may also be a problem with drain lines running from beneath the home. Downspout extensions or sump pumps can fix this problem. If moisture is leaking from bathrooms, the problem can normally be fixed with caulking or installing moisture resistant materials in the room.

Whatever the cause of the damage, addressing the problem promptly will avoid more costly issues.

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