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Scarsdale & Hartsdale, New York Water Clean Up

Many peoples’ worst fear is to see their home or business in flooded. While this may seem like a nightmare, we are here to handle the situation for you. No matter how well you think your home is protected from floods, accidents such as frozen pipes happen. When they do, call us for flood damage restoration. We serve the Scarsdale and Hartsdale, NY area for flood damage cleanup and restoration.

We offer our water cleanup, mold remediation and flood restoration services to the town of Scarsdale, New York and neighboring cities such as Harstdale, New York. We are proud to say that we are one of a very few companies who are licensed and certified to deal with all the dangers of black mold, lead paint, and asbestos-laden construction materials that are often found in basements. You don’t want these water damage hazards lingering around your home and making your family and guests sick. Let a trained crew of mold remediation and flood restoration experts make your home safe. We also completely rebuild affected walls, floors, and ceilings to their original condition, using our expert craftsmanship and experience in home renovations.

We strive to make the mold remediation and water damage repair process easy for our customers and we will work with your home insurance company so you don’t have to. We will bill them directly and take care of any phone calls or paperwork in the meantime. This allows us to get started and finished sooner.

We are the most experienced flood damage restoration company serving Scarsdale, New York and will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy and restore their home. If you are in need of water clean up services, give us a call today.

Call us now (877) 645-1428 to get your property back in order.