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Why Are Wood Mold Removal Services Important?

When dealing with wood items, mold removal is essential whenever fungal contamination becomes apparent. This material is naturally adept at absorbing water, so it has a tendency to spark fungal growth as soon as it roots into the surface. Fortunately, professionals can often completely eliminate contamination when it presents, saving valuable furniture and preventing the home from becoming a health hazard.

Fungal contamination normally takes root in the home when there is moisture present. Within 24 to 48 hours of being soaked through, organic materials may start harboring mold. This usually occurs when a home is flooded or when there is a steady flow of water into the building. JP Moore can help a homeowner detect where this is occurring, whether it’s through a plumbing leak, a problem with the roof or condensation passing into the home.

If, during visual inspection and air sampling, it appears the wood will require mold removal treatment, JP Moore will first isolate the area to prevent further contamination. This is essential because the process will require serious abrading to destroy any fungal colonies attached to the surface of the material. While deep abrasion is not required, it will kick up a lot of contaminated dust, and this dust must be contained in the work area for easy disposal. This is usually done with vacuums that are fitted with HEPA filters.

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